Summer Activities include:

Adventure Tourism
Horse back riding
Rappel and rock climbing
Mountain bicycling
Fly fishing and trolling
River rafting
Canoe rides
Photographic safaris ( Spotting of guanaco, condor and other indigenous animals )
Off road expeditions in 4x4 vehicles
Excursion to Indian caves with rupestrian paintings

Winter Activities include:

Out bounds expeditions

Our activities are as varied as the sceneries and natural landmarks found only in the South of Argentina, allowing you the choice of :

A choice of various activities, integrated by a limited number of people, all of whom have similar interests and expectations on adventure trips ( from November through May ).

A choice of various activities, integrated by a limited number of people, all of whom have similar interests and expectations for excursions on Ski and Snowboard ( from July through October ).

C - DESIGN YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Your personal adventure selected from activities of your choice, its duration, and group you wish to share it with.
If you are interested in designing your personal adventure, complete our questionnaire clicking here.

We take care of the rest: professional guides, equipment, meals, accommodation, transfers, permanent coordination, language, historical and geographical information of the area.
For us, you are not just another tourist, but a fellow traveler, that need to rest, have fun, and feel the adventure.
Because of this, we personalize our service to the limit, hoping to make you feel one of us.

River Rafting

Not all of the National Park is dominated by woods and mountains, it also includes barren plain.
And the best way to see it, is floating along the River Limay. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit…!



Come and explore unique treasures which the Nahuel Huapi National Park hides…!


Canoe Rides

The crystalline lakes and rivers of the National Park offer a unique setting for canoeing activities.
It is for this reason we invite you to get into one of our "dakies" ( inflatable canoes ) to discover deserted beaches and paradisiacal islands.
A unique adventure…!



The best guided fishing tours are ours...!!!!


Expeditions to caves and their indian paintings

Did you know that 150 years ago other cultures roamed these lands?.
Come and discover their traces with us…!
The only way to reach these incredible places, in the "Enchanted Valley", is on a raft or in a 4x4 vehicle.
Don't forget to bring your camera…!


Mountain Bike

We all know how tedious an uphill is, and the fun that downhill's are on a bicycle. This is why we have thought up a way to enjoy all of the excursion: we transport the bicycles to the summits…! Followed by a windi downhill, through crevices and alike.


Horse back riding

One of the more intense ways to experience the Andes mountain range is on horseback.
This is why we suggest you challenge yourself to this unique emotion: To feel nature with the riding of our mountain horses…!

Rappel and rock climbing

To dominate a mountain is no easy task. To do this requires experience and "know how" techniques in rappel and rock climbing.
During these excursions we teach you the basics of this discipline ( always placing up most importance on you safety ) and with this you will achieve your first mountain conquest.
Don't miss it …!


Off road excursion in 4x4 vehicles

Discover one of the most exciting ways to enter the Andes mountain range.


Photographic Safari

Come and learn of our unique Patagonian Flora and Fauna.



Ski in Patagonian's best ski resot and enjoy spectacular lake and wooded views



Try the world's best powdered snow…!


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