We are a team of nature lovers and adventure seekers, we have dedicated over fifteen years to exploring Patagonia, and we also offer experience in organization, development and coordination in mountaineering activities.

We take special care in the quality of our services and genuine concern for our travel companions, be they young, adult, student, businessmen, local or foreigners.
Our accomodations allow you to enjoy nature from the comforts of a first class hotel or from a mountain's cave 8.200 feet above sea level.

Andean Condor
Santa Ana Cascade
Our philosophy is exploring and enjoying nature so as to become part of it. Every season has its charm and the adventure is to discover it as you develop an activity you most enjoy. Whichever you may choose, we can guarantee, that you will be in direct contact with nature, sensing pure emotion be it in rafting, trekking or skiing on powder snow.

"The best way to know Patagonia is by traveling with people from Patagonia"

Certified National Park and Tourist Guide.
Special abilities: Rappel, Mountaineering and horse back riding.
"In Patagonia I found a shelter where live my greatest wish: To live off natures gifts".
Certified National Park and Tourist Guide. Certified Snowboard guide, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Rafting and Scuba Instructor.
Special abilities: Snowboard, Rock climbing, Rafting, Fly Fishing.
"Having dedicated most of my life to working in Adventure Tourism in countries like Brazil, Israel, Egypt and Switzerland, I set up my own office in the most fascinating location for the development of adventure activities: Patagonia, Argentina. Coincidentally my home country".
Certified National Park and Tourist Guide. Ski and Mountain Instructor.
Special abilities: Trekking, Canoeing, Mountain Bike.
After traveling through inhospitable locations, working for tourism services for little over ten years, I found one of the most wonderful places in the world: Patagonia."I invite you to discover it with us".
Patagonia's "Gaucho Guide" ( Argentinean Cowboy ).
Special abilities: Horse back riding and mountaineering.
"What can I say? I am the son of this land, I was born here, I live here, and will most likely spend my later days here".

Simba y Jack
"The best mountain guides and inseparable friends".
Special abilities: Following trails.

Patagonian Adventures
Tel: ++54 (02944)- 15-51-0915 / 15-51-0914
Villa la Angostura - Neuquén - Patagonia Argentina

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